A Fast Track To The Leaf-Peeping

Mountain coasters have added a new recreational dimension to foliage season.

So a northern New England TV reporter sent a Tweet this week about a conversation he overheard between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and a local businessman in a hardware store in West Lebanon, N.H.

Romney apparently made a reference to a mountain resort over the Vermont line that was closed and mentioned Okemo by name.

It set off a firestorm among outdoors enthusiasts on Facebook.

Well Mitt, Okemo is not only open, but it is offering one of the most exciting attractions this leaf-peeping season.

And so is Jiminy Peak.

Mountain coasters.

We all know that foliage season is a definite attraction to the north in Vermont, where Okemo sits, and to the northwest in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where Jiminy is.

And the leaf-peeping is always supplemented by things like hiking, camping,  and now the mountain coasters.

They are half-roller coaster and half bobsled. A cable system brings the coaster cars up to the top of the track and then lets go for a total free-fall experience on the way down. The riders control their own brakes and the cars usually top out at just more than 25 mph.

Jiminy's coaster is part of its larger adventure park that has transformed the mountain into a year-round playground. It's about 90 minutes from north central Connecticut.

For more information, visit www.jiminypeak.com.

Okemo's coaster is at its Jackson Gore complex. Visit www.okemo.com for further information. Okemo is less than two-and-a-half hours away.

The leaves began to turn this week.

jeff foliage September 09, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Looks like fun I wonder how long a ride is? Jeff Foliage


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