Best Blogs on Patch: 'The Woman Who Raised That Monster'

Photo courtesy of blogger Jeff Dill
Photo courtesy of blogger Jeff Dill
This article was written by Penny Riordan.

Patch bloggers write about a variety of our topics on our site. Bloggers use the platform to share photos, offer tips on a specific topic or promote volunteer activities. 

How would you react if you were from Newtown, CT and a stranger asked you if you knew the mother of Adam Lanza: The Woman Who Raised That Monster.

A Jiu-Jitsu master answers questions about surfing and martial arts: What Do Martial Arts and Surfing Have in Common?

Practical advice for how to parent your teen in tricky situations: This Really Happens...What Would You Do in This Situation?

Advice for pet owners: How to Stop Your Dog From Eating His Poop.

If you're into barefoot running: Running in Freezing Temps - Barefoot. 

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage.


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