Connecticut Water Co. Issues Statement on Regional Pipeline

The utility met with water officials.

The Shenipsit Lake Reservoir. Photo Credit: Patch
The Shenipsit Lake Reservoir. Photo Credit: Patch
The Connecticut Water Co. has issued the following news release after a   Wednesday meeting with the Tolland Water Commission regarding plans for a regional pipeline: 

Tonight, representatives of Connecticut Water met with the Tolland Water Commission to reaffirm plans to create a regional pipeline that will interconnect their respective water systems. 

Eric Thornburg, Connecticut Water’s President and CEO, said his company is “committed to continuing our outreach efforts.”

“We believe one of our jobs is to be constantly and consistently communicating with our customers, potential customers, and stakeholders about what we’re doing,” said Thornburg. 

Regarding the regional pipeline that was a topic of discussion at the meeting, Thornburg said: “The project is mutually beneficial for both TWC and Connecticut Water. Once the Regional Pipeline is installed, TWC will have emergency water source capable of serving its customers in the event its source(s), storage or water mains are offline or damaged. For Connecticut Water, we will have a redundant supply for customers of our Riversedge water system in Willington who are supplied by TWC’s system.” 

Connecticut Water’s existing water system terminates on Route 195 in Tolland, west of the I-84 interchange. The TWC’s existing water system terminates on Route 195 east of I-84. Connecticut Water will install 4,100 feet of 16-inch water main to connect its Northern-Western water system to TWC’s water system.
TWC’s portion of the Regional Pipeline consists of 4,100 feet of existing 12-inch water main. 

In addition, the Regional Pipeline is part of the long-term solution for the water supply needs of UConn’s Storrs Campus and the Town of Mansfield.

In August, the UConn Board of Trustees selected Connecticut Water as the preferred provider of a long-term water supply solution to the University and Mansfield. The Regional Pipeline will draw its water from Connecticut Water’s Shenipsit Lake Reservoir, which has a capacity of 5 billion gallons of water, a registered diversion of 15 million gallons per day (mgd) and an approved safe yield of 10 mgd.

These water supply reserves far exceed the company’s average daily reservoir withdrawal of 4 mgd. Connecticut Water’s Lake Shenipsit Reservoir will be able to meet the needs of all customers along its path, including the up to 2.2 mgd that UConn and Mansfield have estimated will be needed sometime over the next 50 years. Connecticut Water has also committed that it will continue to meet current, and future, required streamflow releases to maintain the quality of the Hockanum River. 

Construction on the pipeline and interconnection to the TWC is scheduled to begin this fall and be completed by the spring of 2014.
Irene September 05, 2013 at 07:42 AM
..."will be mutally beneficial to TWC (Tolland Water Commission) and CT Water." But will it be beneficial to Tolland residents reliant on Shenipsit Lake Reservoir for their water supply? Pay attention residents-this may be a regrettable decision 10 years down the road...Water will be the new oil-and those who have it will have the ultimate control.
Josh Freeman September 05, 2013 at 09:04 AM
Tolland residents aren't supplied by Shenipsit Lake (Vernon is), but in the future this agreement could allow Tolland to be supplied by the lake (for a fee). It's also controlled by CT Water, not any particular municipality.
alex bell September 05, 2013 at 05:49 PM
It would be nice to see what really is in this for Tolland. Last I checked Tolland did not have a water problem - the problem was in Storrs. Is this just a way to get water to Storrs?
Dan Meaney September 06, 2013 at 09:47 AM
One of the biggest benefits to Tolland is the availability of an Emergency Interconnection capable of providing water to the Tolland Water system if there is an issue with Tolland's wells, storage or water mains. Below a link to an overview of the Regional Pipeline that further describes the benefits to Connecticut Water and Tolland Water. It was prepared for Wednesday night's Tolland Water Commission meeting: http://bit.ly/17En07U
alex bell September 06, 2013 at 03:47 PM
Dan - I could not find anything using your link. I did look at CT Water's press release on the Storrs "solution". It did not say anything about any benefits for Tolland.
Dan Meaney September 06, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Alex, My mistake -- had link wrong. Try this one: http://bit.ly/16630yx If that doesn't work feel free to e-mail me at dmeaney@ctwater.com and I'll send you the pdf.
alex bell September 07, 2013 at 12:12 AM
Dan - Thanks for the response. The new link works. I understand there is some benefit to Tolland, but the real purpose is to get water to Storrs. I, like 95% of the people in Tolland, get my water from my well. With that in mind I oppose any costs of this activity funded by Tolland tax funds.


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