Giving Back to the Community and Nature

Tolland residents pulled together to support Venture Crew 422's project to recycle unused, old and damaged electronics.

Arthur Jacques and his buddies from the Venture Crew 422 troop investigated, organized and implemented the task of collecting unused, unwanted, old, outdated and damaged electronics that residents dropped off at the  at Saturday's . 

With support from Scout Troop 2 in Tolland, Troop 61 from Mansfield,the Venture Crew families and the folks from Metech Recycling, residents from Tolland kept coming and coming, dropping carloads full of old computers, TV's, cellphones and even an old fashioned calculator, to be recycled.

Last spring, Venture Crew 422, (named after Earth Day, April 22), recycled 30,000 pounds of old electronics. This year their goal was to beat that. In total (including the weight of the pallets or "skids") 47,311 pounds of electronics were brought to the high school.

Last spring 253 cars unloaded their cars, and this year 403 cars got involved in the drop-off. Don Jacques, Arthur's father says, "that if you provide an easy, accessible way for residents to dispose of their electronics, they really want to do the right thing and will support the project whole-heartedly."

Arthur Jacques did his homework when it came to choosing a recycling plant to help with his mission. His goal was to help the community, and since Venture Crew 422's purpose is to help with environmental causes, Metech was happy to help out. 

Metech Recycling is a company that takes its job very seriously. Bob St. Jean, an executive with Metech, said that, "one million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is discarded annually, and less than 20 percent of e-waste is recycled. Eighty percent of electronics collected for recycling end up in landfills in developing countries."

He further explains that "by sending electronics to landfills, there are risks that toxic waste is leaching into the soil and water." Metech is a company that "ensures the high volume of plastic, glass and metal parts from obsolete electronics are processed and reused in new products."

For more information, see their Web site at www.metechrecycling.com.

Betty-Lou Griffin September 22, 2011 at 05:41 PM
What a wonderful project. I was amazed to see how much was collected and kept out of landfills. Kudos to Venture Crew 422! Finally said goodbye to the TV from my first (grad school) apartment, lol, a true antique which continued to work until the switch to digital broadcasting.


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