Good News Friday: A Pageant, Special Playtime and Spring... Maybe

This edition of Good News Friday brings you details about the 2013 Mr. THS pageant and a super-cool new toy being used at a local social skills group and shares an optimistic thought that springtime weather will soon grace the region.

OK, really. We're two days into what the calendar identifies as springtime, yet the snowflakes continue to fly.

Do not be discouraged! Springtime weather will definitely come, and it will definitely be here by the time the Tolland Conservation Commission hosts its first Spring Walk of 2013.

The commission took the optimistic stance and uploaded this announcement to Tolland Patch on Monday almost as if to declare that enough is enough, it is time for a true springtime stroll.

So please, if it means that the temperature will consistently stay above 50ºF and that any participation that falls is just plain, old rain, make plans to join the group on Saturday, April 13, at 9 a.m. at the Stoppleworth Conservation Area. The walk will start from there before turning into a hike through the Campbell Peaceful Valley Conservation Area and then the to Knofla Conservation Area before returning to Stoppleworth. Phew, I'm tired and exhilarated just thinking about it!


Get your palms ready for some serious clapping and exercise your cheeks so they're in shape for lots of smiling and laughing because the annual Mr. THS pageant is tonight, Friday, March 22, in the high school auditorium.

That's right, it's good news for the 14 high school senior boys who will be competing for the title and the audience who will get to enjoy the performance. In the past the skits have included stand up comedy, Zumba, a variety of dancing techniques, improv and musical performances. They really are a talented bunch.

The annual event raises money for a variety of classes at the high school and is meant to be a night of community and family-friendly fun.


This good news comes from resident Aaron Weintraub, the director of Kids Cooperate, a local group that offers sprogramming for children and families with Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and PDD. He has some neat news to share with the children who participate in the regular Kids Cooperate social skills groups at the Tolland Recreation Center: starting this week, the children will have access to the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile.

Weintraub describes the MindWave as a "wearable EEG sensor, which creates visualizations of brain activity in fun and innovative ways that allow the children to see how different techniques for concentration and relaxation affect their brain activity."

How cool is that?


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