Joshua's Trust Acquires New Land

The land is for the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands property in Windham.

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At a Windham town meeting on January 17, voters approved the sale of a 17-acre parcel to Joshua’s Tract Conservation and Historic Trust.

The parcel abuts the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands, a preserve owned by Joshua’s Trust and open to the public. Failure to pay taxes on the land-locked 17 acres resulted in the Town of Windham assuming title several years ago.

Sale of the property was by public bid, and the high bid was made by the Savings Institute, which administers the Ada Wolf Trust. The parcel will now become part of the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands.

Ada Wolf bequeathed her 102-acre property to Joshua’s Trust and established a fund which allows for acquisition of abutting property. In developing a plan for the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands, the town-owned (17-acre) parcel was identified as a high priority. Acquisition of this parcel provides additional protection to the watershed and provides additional habitat diversity.

This area has different soil types (i.e., rocky till) than the Wolf property and supports some different vegetation types (e.g., sugar maple-beech dominated uplands and the adjacent portion of the hemlock-dominated Alluvial Forest). The area also contains a vernal pool and home for the Massachusetts fern, a habitat restricted species.

More information about the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands and Joshua’s Trust can be found at www.joshuaslandtrust.org


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