This is Your Patch, Tolland: Gather on the Green!

Here are some great new features of our site that lets you self-publish your community news, events and even sound off on what's important to you with a Tolland Patch blog.

Tolland Patch is a town green — a place where folks of all ages, beliefs and interests congregate, are inspired by, and interact with one another. It's a virtual town green, which means you can stop by even if it's pouring rain, you're chair bound with an injury or it's really early in the morning.

It's also your community bulletin board. It's a place where you can post a photo about a lost dog, club news, honors, or even an accolades. You can meet folks in your community and see what your neighbors are up to. You can post a question and get answers.

Do you have news about your business, neighborhood, school or club that you want to share or issues that are important to you? Anyone can start a blog, post an announcement or an event to share with the community on Middletown Patch.


Want to invite the public to your events? Post events and your items will show up within moments in our Tolland Patch Events Calendar. If something changes, you always can edit your own event to reflect the latest information. And make sure you add photos to draw attention to your event.

Enter a new event here.


Got more information that might be useful for the community to know? Try our announcements section. Many of the announcements get chosen for featuring in our regular news column as well, so it's one of the easiest ways to spread your news.

You can also use announcements to call attention to your events. It's a good idea to post both an announcement and a calendar item to draw attention to your event, especially if it's something that needs pre-registration.

Enter a new announcement here.


You can blog as often as you like. There's no need to "pitch" ideas before submitting posts. And you retain all rights to your work, so you can crosspost information from your own website or your previously written blog. You can load your own photos and video and it's easy to link to other websites, including news articles, blog posts or websites that you'd like to share.

Start blogging here.

And remember to share this with friends or family you think might be interested!


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