Tolland Public Safety Office and FEMA Offer Winter Storm Tips

One tip is to run generators outside.

Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Tolland Public Safety Director John Littell has offered some winter storm tips, courtesy of his office and the Federal Emergency Management Agency: 

"As we near the start of winter, and with winter weather already affecting millions across the U.S, here are some important reminders to stay safe," he said. 

The tips include: 

• Gas stations and ATMs may not work while the power is out. Fill your car's tank and get cash out so you have what you need.
• Use flashlights for emergency lighting. NEVER use candles due to increased risk of fire. 

• If using a generator during a power outage, always run it outside and away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide. 

For more information visit www.ready.gov/winter-weather  

Are the children home on a snow day? Residents can learn how to "build a kit" by playing the Ready Kids online game. Young people and parents can also learn with your kids about what to do before, during, and after a winter storm by visiting: 

www.ready.gov/kids/know-the-facts/winter-storms-extreme-cold . 
FEMA offers the information as part of its ready.gov campaign. 

For additional information please visit the local public safety Web site:


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