Tolland Public Safety Officials Share Winter Tips, Links

They are stressing wintertime safety.

Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel
Photo Credit: Chris Dehnel

The Tolland Public Safety Department is sharing several pointers and links to assist residents during periods of extreme winter weather. 

Here are some tips: 

• Be aware that ponds, rivers, lakes and streams can be unstable and unsafe.

• Pipes in the home may freeze and burst. 

• Knowing the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite can prevent harm to adults, children and your pets. 

• Also, remember to frequently check a furnace’s outdoor vent. Snow drifts can block a vent and cause carbon monoxide to be released into the home. The vents, located on the outside of the home, are often forgotten, but should be regularly cleared of snow, ice and debris during the entire heating season. 

Here are some important links:

• With the drastic fluctuations of temperatures recently, knowing the conditions of pond and river ice is paramount: 


• Thawing Frozen Pipes & Preventing Water Damage:


• After a Frozen Pipe Bursts:


• Recognize and Treat Hypothermia: 




• Pets and Extreme Cold:


• Dangers of Carbon Monoxide:

• Remember to dial 911 in an emergency.


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