Tolland Water Commission Starts Rehab Project on Main Well

Well No. 2 is currently in use.

Photo Credit: Patch
Photo Credit: Patch
The Tolland Water Commission on Tuesday began using its second well while the primary well was taken off line for rehabilitation work. 

The switch may change water color or taste, the commission said in a news release. 

"This will not affect the healthfulness of the water provided to you," the commission said in a news release. 

The Well rehabilitation project for well No. 1 includes disassembling and removing the pump and equipment for inspection, assessing the condition of the well, rehabilitating the well and replacing or refurbishing equipment. 

The goal is to improve water production and quality, the commission said in a news release. 

The work is estimated to take six days to complete, according to the commission. 

Questions can be directed to the Tolland Water Commission at 860-871-3601 or watercommission@tolland.org. 


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