Vernon's Wayward Pig Getting Gourmet Meals, But Remains Unclaimed

The pig is eating well and resting comfortably, the Vernon animal control officer said.

Boy, the chef at the Vernon animal control shelter has outdone himself this time.

And a pig found running along Route 83 on Monday morning is eating a lot better because of it. The animal control officer, however, is still trying to locate its owner.

"I went out and bought some Pig Chow," Animal Control Officer Craig Segar said on Tuesday. "She's eating well and looks pretty comfortable."

Pig food for show swine is sold in bags about the same size as dog food.

The female pink pig was a lot happier on Tuesday than on Monday. She was first spotted running along several parts of Route 83 at about 7:30 a.m., police said. She was eventually caught and taken to the Vernon Animal Control shelter.

Craig Segar left the pig in the smaller transport cage to let her sleep - and to confine her until she became used to her surroundings.

But she was eventually moved to a roomy kennel.

Segar said no one has come forward to claim, the pig and leads about who it may have escaped from have not panned out, he said.


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