Colonial Gardens Falls Victim To Winter Weather

The arched roof over the main building structure at Colonial Gardens in Tolland has collapsed due to excessive snow and ice

Severe winter weather in Connecticut has caused extensive damage to yet another local business. The latest casualty is Colonial Gardens, located in Tolland at 46 Hartford Turnpike (Route 74).

Wednesday morning found the roof of the main business structure had collapsed. The front entrance was leaning precariously toward the middle of the collapse. The back end of the building, which apparently escaped damage, remained upright.  

The only positive news regarding the incident is that Colonial Gardens, a well-known local garden, lawn, and landscape center, is closed during winter months.  No one was reported in or around the property during the collapse.  Get an inside virtual view of the Colonial Gardens main building structure before the collapse.

Linda Smyth, of Somers, and long-time owner of Colonial Gardens, stated the 'mast' supporting the incoming electrical service to the structure partially came off the building as a result of the collapse and needed to be removed.  Smyth added that Connecticut Light & Power personnel had disconnected power and removed both the mast and power meter for safety concerns.

When asked about immediate recovery plans, Smyth was blunt. "We're going to take the entire structure down," she said. "I'm really hoping the local residents will support us, this is a financial catastrophe for us."

Smyth went on to explain potential ideas for replacing the building, with one such possibility being a large shed or storage building from Kloter Farms or something along those lines of thinking.

Bob Stewart, co-landlord of the business property, has his office at Stewart Appraisal Services directly adjacent to Colonial Gardens.  Stewart smiled when asked to comment on the situation.  "We're all trying to survive the snow," he said.

Stewart had arranged for a small bucket loader to clear snow and provide pathways around the collapsed building which will enable access for crews to work in the coming days. "We're making sure the area is clear, and trying to keep the parking lot traffic safe,"he said.

charles February 06, 2011 at 01:42 PM
I drove by Colonial Gardens just a couple of days ago. It's too bad that such a great small business had to collapse in such a devastating manner. I go to Colonial Gardens every summer and buy my plants and herbs there. I'm really hoping that they recover before this summer.


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