Get a Glimpse of Engineering's Future at The Innovation Connection

Tolland's Nerac and OpenSky are hosting the presentation with the UConn School of Engineering.

Check out the latest in biomolecular, chemical and material engineering at The Innovation Connection, being held Thursday, July 26 at Nerac.

Nerac and  are co-hosting the event with the UConn School of Engineering. It starts at 3 p.m. with presentations from UConn engineering students who have been enrolled in a research program that explores both academic research and how success in the laboratory can affect commercial development, according to the event press release.

The projects to be presented include:

  • Composites for Biomedical Applications, Teleflex Medical
  •  Forward Osmosis for Desalination and Water Reuse, Oasys Water
  • Reaction Networks for Zeolites to Model Fluid Catalytic Cracking Kinetics, W.R., Grace and Co.
  •  Thermally Integrated Water-Gas Shift Reactors, FuelCell Energy
  • Transformative Research in Solar Energy Harvesting, Scitech Solar
  • 100% utilization of Brown Grease for Biodiesel Production, Bridgeport Biodiesel
  • Functionalized Nanostructured Carbons for Energy Conversion and Storage, Physical Sciences, Inc.
  •  Photo-initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition of Hydrogels, GVD Corporation
  •  Physical Properties and Transport in Pentablock Ionomers, Kraton Polymers LLC
  • Development of Advanced Fire-retardant Nanomaterials, United Technologies Research Center

There will be an opportunity for networking from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


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