Photo Gallery: Development Vacancies in Tolland County

A look at the past of four properties in the region and how they could be developed in the future.

A few of these regional properties have a long history in town, while others are almost brand new. Check out how these vacancies in Vernon, Tolland, Somers and Mansfield could be developed in the future.

Contact information for the associated realtors:

Larry Ross - 1717 Storrs Road, Mansfield

Vito Cortese - 172 Union Street, Vernon

Vicki Clark - 95 South Road, Somers

Prospect Enterprises, LLC - Fieldstone Commons, 152 Merrow Road, Tolland 

meowkats4 August 04, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Make note that another Restaurant was only open one month, but due to permits is closed??? Now tell me why? New regulations? What is happening around our very towns that business owners just can't do the things they did back in the1970's or 1980's so different now? I read a lot about urban and rural areas in Michigan, due to the fact of abandon buildings falling apart from years and years of just standing around. Not only are there just abandon business building many, many homes/apartment complexes too! http://www.conservativerefocus.com/blog5.php/2012/08/03/an-urban-progressive-nightmare-sections-of-detroit-have-now-become-dumping-ground-for-dead


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