Tolland Technology Zone Overview

The Planning & Zoning Commission held an informational meeting on the technology zone on Wednesday night.

Tolland residents were invited to learn more about the proposed Technology Zone, spanning from Rhodes Road to Baxter Street on Route 195, at an informational meeting on Wednesday night.

While Tolland Patch was not able to attend the meeting, Town Planner Linda Farmer provided an overview on key development points for the zone, which is still in the conceptual stages.

According to the design provided by Planimetrics, buildings would be laid out in a "campus-style" fashion, promoting walkability between businesses. Farmer said that the buildings would primarily be accessible through proposed interior roads, set off of Route 195. The interior roads would decrease the number of curb cuts onto the busy state route.

While the Planning & Zoning Commission has not yet drafted regulations for the zone, uses such as research, medical offices and manufacturing in a number of scientific industries are all suggested as possible development ideas in a Planimetrics presentation posted on the town website.

The company will receive $12,500 from the town to prepare and map the area's existing conditions, confirm the vision of the zone, give an initial development assessment, create 3-D visualizations and to prepare recommendatons.

Concept sketches of the zone are posted above.

Since Tolland Patch couldn't make it to the meeting to hear what you had to say, comment below to share your thoughts on the proposed Technology Zone.


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