Progress Being Made at Star Hill

The staff at the facility put out some information to keep people informed.

The following is a statement released on Tuesday by the Star Hill Family Athletic Center.

Nice weather gave us the opportunity to make a lot of progress today.  We had 25+ people out on the dome shoveling the snow into containers.  A crane was on-site to lift the containers out of the dome and dump the snow.  The rain and warmer weather also helped melt some of the snow.  We have pumps around the dome pumping water out.  We had a second crane on-site to help remove the middle steel structures that were in the dome.  Now that those center structures are gone, the repair guys can begin welding the cuts in the fabric.  That process will begin tomorrow morning.

We want to address some rumors we have heard.  When the dome fails, it is NOT an instantaneous failure where the dome suddenly or violently collapses.  The way the engineers have always described a failure is..."if a semi-truck drove through our mechanical units (thus shutting off the air supply), then continued and drove through the side of the dome, the dome would take 32 minutes to completely come down."  We have not seen the data from our mechanical unit yet, but the dome engineers expect that is the reaction time we will see.

To answer some soccer questions...the 3v3 tournament that was scheduled for next Monday & Tuesday will be cancelled.  We are exploring the opportunity to reschedule the tournament during April vacation (April 15-19).  We will make final decisions regarding youth leagues, finishing session 2 games, start & finish dates for session 3, once we have a better idea of our recovery schedule. 

Tomorrow we will hopefully finish removing the snow from the surface of the dome and start the repair process.  Lot's of plans are being made to react to whatever we find when the building is reinflated.  More tomorrow...


The Star Hill Staff


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