Town Manager Declares Civil Preparedness Emergency in Tolland

Town Manager Steven Werbner asks residents not to travel and to avoid shoveling snow into the roads.

From the Town of Tolland:

Pursuant to the power authorized to the Chief Executive Officer of the community by virtue of CGS § 28-18 I am hereby declaring a local civil preparedness emergency, effective February 9, 2013 at 7:00 AM. This action is being taken due to the blizzard conditions throughout the community, due to Winter Storm Nemo and in particular treacherous road conditions caused by large snowfall amounts compounded by blowing and drifting snow. These adverse conditions are expected to continue throughout the day. The parking ban will remain in effect until further notice. 

As a result of this declaration all residents are advised to refrain from travelling through town which will allow emergency personnel the ability to continue with clean-up efforts. Residents are prohibited from depositing snow into public roadways as this will only hamper actions for town-wide clean-up. 

Furthermore, Public Safety Personnel are authorized to take reasonable actions necessary to ensure the safety of the community as a result of storm. This declaration shall be in place until further notice. 

Steven R. Werbner 
Town Manager 
Town of Tolland


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