UConn/Courant Poll: Connecticut Fared Worse in Recession Than Rest of Country

The latest study of the state's economic outlook found that residents here view their financial conditions along party and racial lines.

Connecticut residents have fared worse in the current recession than the rest of the country, but a majority of them still feel they’re better off today than they were four years ago, a new poll by the University of Connecticut and the Hartford Courant shows.

Just how folks in Connecticut view their economic circumstances is partly framed by their political affiliations, the poll indicates.

“While 42 percent of likely voters say they’re worse off today than four year ago, and 35 percent say they’re better off, those perceptions differ sharply among those who identify with either major political party,” according to the blog UConn Today.  “While 62 percent of Democrats say they’re better off today, just 9 percent of Republicans feel the same way.”

More than half of the voters surveyed said they’ve changed how they shop for groceries, and nearly a quarter reported having to sell something valuable to make ends meet during the downturn, the Hartford Courant reports.

Overall, the poll of 517 likely voters, taken this month, shows a bleaker economic picture in Connecticut than the rest of the country, the Courant says.

And our interpretation of how we’ve fared in the recession has split not only along political lines, but along racial lines as well.

“The poll found that 78 percent of African-American likely voters say they’re better off today than four years ago, while only 26 percent of white voters said the same. And while 45 percent of likely voters who attend religious services once a week or more say they’re worse off today, just 31 percent of voters who never attend religious services have the same impression,” UConn Today reported.

Jim G. September 29, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Let me get this straight: "Connecticut fared worse than the rest of the country" because a poll taken here says so? This is the third or fourth completely nonsensical poll presented by the Courant in recent weeks (like the one that showed Dems and Repubs somehow neck and neck by voting percentages... while failing to note that there are twice as many D's here, and almost five times as many D's plus unaffiliated voters, making the percentages shown almost meaningless.) The economic data puts the downturn here nowhere near the bottom when compared across the states. You could look it up. So could the Courant, if it were still a real newspaper, and the UConn pollsters, if they ever left Storrs. I've been a number of places in the past few years that were much, much worse off. Whatever effects of the economic slide there are here, CT is riding high on the comparative scale. But oh, by all means, if a poll of our good citizens says we're the worst, we must be.


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