Yankee Magazine Gets Interactive When it Comes to Fall Outings

The foliage report shows the colors.

Planning a autumn hike over the next couple of weeks? How about a kayak or canoe trip? Fall camping?

The you must be thinking about the foliage. Look no further than Yankeefoliage.com.

The site, a supplement to the magazine, lays out the color of the New England fall in one tidy stop on the Internet. The live foliage map shows the progress of leaves from green to turning to moderate to peak to fading to gone. 

Several hotspots are featured on the map when pictures have been submitted within the past five days to illustrate the color. Specific areas can be zoomed in on.

Readers can also submit reports for first-hand accounts.

Great foliage drives are also mapped out.

To check out the site, head to www.yankeefoliage.com.


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