Shins on Fire

Spirit of Spring Fun Run training, minimalist shoes, 5 finger shoes, and foot strengthening fun.

(This is Blogging 2.0. Feel free to click on these links. Enjoy.)

Minimalist shoes on my feet, Bugaboo stroller in hand, I jogged to Birch Grove as a first step in my training for the Spirit of Spring Fun Run. See, with minimalist shoes, there are many benefits. There are also a few steps in between putting them on for the first run of the season and running a 5K the day before Easter. If you start with a couple miles, your shins are gonna tell you about it all week long. Better to start with a half mile jog, stretch and run another half mile home. Ease into it. Adapt your running style and don't over do it.

In the spectrum of athletic prowess, I now fall into the category of what they call a "Weekend Warrior." According to Sports Information Resource Center, the definition is someone who is committed to a sport or activity but, based on life, work, and family demands, has limited time to participate or train for that activity.

I do play soccer every week at Star Hill, and while we run hard for an hour once a week, that doesn't mean that I am ready to run a 5K with Vibrams on, pushing a jogging stroller. I actually wore prescription shoe orthotics since I was young because my knees would hurt when playing sports, my podiatrist told me I had flat feet and the answer was a firm insert in all of my shoes, that cost $$$$. He also said that I had to buy the most expensive New Balance shoes because they offer more support. I wore orthotics to play soccer, golf, and even when skiing. If I did not wear them my knees would ache after I ran, or my back would hurt. They were anything but comfortable.  

I was hesitant to try out the 5 finger Vibrams because I thought to myself, “how could I run without orthotics?” I read “Born to run” and it all made sense. Shoes cause your feet to atrophy. What I actually needed was  to exercise my feet. I was not used to using my arches and therefore never built them up. Once I started wearing my KSO Treks, I wore them everywhere. My feet got stronger and my knees no longer bother me. I can wear any pair of shoes and would not even consider wearing orthotics again.        

And tonight, my feet feel great, my knees fantastic, and I am going to bed.      

That is my story for today and I am sticking to it. I will try to post more about my training progress as I prepare for the Fun Run. I hope you enjoyed the links. Please feel free to write me about your plans to participate in the Fun Run.

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Kristen Morgan March 13, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Congratulations on your commitment to staying healthy through running. I'm also a fan of Born to Run! Several years ago, I ran in a marathon and couldn't walk for a few days afterward. My husband met another spectator there who was watching her cousin, an elite runner and ChiRunning trainer. I decided to give ChiRunning a try, read the book, and took a workshop with Danny Dreyer in North Carolina. I had been running since I was in high school with knee and hip pain, and this method of running completely changed everything. I've been running in mimimal running flats since then and have completed several long-distance races completely pain-free. I'm back in training again after having my second child, even thinking about ditching the shoes now that the weather is warm! Looking forward to reading more about your progress. Happy running!


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