Stop Waiting For More Stimulus!

Anything that is stimulating interest rates cost every tax payer money that we shouldn't have to pay.

I keep reading and hearing about the Federal Government considering more stimulus. Are you kidding me?

Folks we are talking about interest rates that are at levels that are insane. Is the FED really thinking they are going to get more people to buy more homes or refinance more properties?

OK, there are a few that are waiting for interest rates to go lower, but anything that is stimulating interest rates cost every tax payer money that we shouldn't have to pay. Look, I have spent the majority of my business life in the mortgage business. I have seen mortgage rates in the mid-teens and we are thinking rates in the 3 or 4% range isn’t low enough, that is insane.

Check out this article for more information:

Mortgage Rates Fall Back as Some Wait to See Stimulus 08/30/2012 By: Tory Barringer

Joe Petrowsky, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc.

860-647-7701 ex. 116

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Pro Death September 09, 2012 at 12:04 PM
QE3 will sink the ship
Kaptainsteve September 09, 2012 at 09:46 PM
QE3 means that Bernanke and his bankster criminals have no more tricks up their sleeves. This is the only thing they got, printing money and debasing the currency. This does not 'stimulate' the economy unless you are one of Bernanke's bankster friends whose bank receives this money at NO interest to be lent out to the suckers at 8-29%, to everyone else, it just makes you poorer and puts you in debt servitude. In the end all the money printing causes inflation, which is the worst form of tax ever devised because it hurts the poor the most. The inflation "stimulus" printing causes will eventually (and probably very soon) become unstoppable hyperinflation then everyone will be scratching their heads asking "how did this ever happen?" It happened because we voted for criminal politicians who with their banker friends took us for every last penny. Every wonder why since 1913 the dollars lost 97% of it's value and prices continually have gone up? You think that this is normal? This should not be "normal." Prices should generally go down with increasing technological advances but due to the inflation created by deficit spending, QE's, bond buybacks and money printing, the dollar becomes worth less and less and prices rise in response. It's called Keynesian economics and it's a fraud. We've all been had and the jig is just about up. The days of the dollar are numbered.
WebeenHad September 10, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Yes inflation is here, but the govt data doesnt reflect what is truly happening. They are afraid to publish the actual numbers because of the fear it will cause to the general public. Same is true for the actual unemployment numbers. Its all very misleading. And we must be very careful about hyperinflation. That is above and beyond a death sentence for the dollar. It is the major reserve currency of the world, and if other foriegn governments needed to liquidate their dollar holdings or we lost our reserve currency status, it would create a death spiral as more selling would cause even more selling. And keep in mind that most major commodities are priced in US dollars. What would happen if opec no longer wanted dollars for all the oil they sell? One hope may be for the euro to crash before our dollar? And interest rates? They will remain low for a very long time, or at least as long as the FED stays in business and has close to $2t in government treasuries.
Jason September 10, 2012 at 09:57 AM
On a normal website there would be disclaimers explaining that these stories are actually advertisements for a mortgage broker. Pretty sad and selfish use of a good website.
Middletown Insider September 10, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Come on over to the Middletown Insider- We have some pieces written from a more conservative approach to economy and would love to hear more on your prospective! http://www.middletowninsider.com/


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