Hot Summer Sun - Your Furnishings, Like your Skin, Need SPF Protection!

The sun may be damaging your home furnishings. Protect your furnishings with the right window coverings this time of year!

Your window coverings could be helping or hindering your furnishings this time of year.  Although the weather has been gorgeous, sun damage can bleach your wood floors, upholstery and curtain fabrics.  Here's a few examples.  After years of western facing sunshine peaking through vertical blinds onto my kitchen floor, the wood is faded and noticeably lighter.  The same damage happens in new homes:  a homeowner I know recently moved into their home with gorgeous cherry floors.  A month later, they moved the rug and the wood under the rug is darker.  Finally, in my son's bedroom, one side of a comforter is faded from the original jean material to a faded jean material.  Time for a new comforter!

What can you do to protect your furnishings from the sun?  Well, the easy answer is to close the window coverings.  Not always practical in the summer:  most people like to open their window shades in the morning and let the sun shine in. 

Window Film also known as SPF for your windows is one alternative to help protect your furnishings.  Applied much like car window tinting, it is a film that goes on with a squeegee and a lot of water.  The sunlight actually helps adhere the film to the window and it deepens the view, reduces glare and protects your furnishings. Window film can also protect the window from shattering during a storm.  It comes in varying SPF's with the darkest being 90 - commonly used in commercial windows.  Most people like between 45 and 60 SPF for their homes.  We just invested in Window Film for our Kitchen Slider; the area by the slider is cooler, glare is reduced and our floor is now protected (although we will need to eventually refinish the floor because the sun damage is done). 

Another alternative to reduce sun damage is a trilight shade.  Picture a honey-comb shade and when it is lowered it allows privacy yet also filters light so the room is not completely dark.  A trilight shade combines a sheer pleated blind with a light filtering or room darkening cellular into one blind!  You get three looks with one blind.  The sheer can be lowered completely during the day to filter the sun and the cellular pulled up at night when more privacy is desired.  The third look is half sheer and half cellular depending on the amount of privacy desired.

We recently installed trilight shades into a kitchen area, a dining area that faces the front of the house and bathrooms.  It's the best of both worlds:  SPF protection during the daylight and privacy at night.  You can also specify "top down" and "bottom up" openings.  Instead of opening the shade from only the bottom, you can also pull it down from the top.  It's all about the privacy and the look you like; you have many options with a trilight shade.

In closing, enjoy this gorgeous summer weather.  Don't forget the SPF for your skin as well as for your windows!

Visit our website to learn more about Window Film and Trilight Shades.  www.budgetblinds.com/enfield

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