Hack job tree work

  Over a month ago, I noticed that  the town has cut down several trees on various roads in town.  I was wondering why after dropping the trees, your leaving it up to the residents to clean up the mess of logs and some are unmanageable in size.  
  Is this how it works?  Give the town guy's busy work and let someone else clean up the mess, and in some cases, the resident has to pay for some one to finish the job of getting rid of the stumps and re-grooming their front yards.
  I will be building a photo album of as many hack jobs and leftover logs and brush that I can find.
  A professional tree crew would have done a professional and complete job.

It wouldn't be that much work to finish the job that you started.
Any Tolland residents with leftover tree work, express your concern.  Your yards look like crap.


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