Patch's Poll: Should the U.S. Keep Funding Afghanistan Through 2017?

The Obama administration said it wants to continue its pledge of billions of dollars to the Middle Eastern country for a civil assistance plan.

In an international effort to stabilize Afghanistan, President Barack Obama’s administration plans to ask Congress for additional funding toward a four-year civilian assistance plan.

According to The Associated Press, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Tokyo this past weekend where she made a pledge for continual financial support to Afghanistan until 2017.

This funding effort would be part of a financial plan along with 70 other countries, with the ultimate goal toward rebuilding the country's economy and other reforms, The AP reported.

Since 2001, the annual American assistance to Afghanistan civilian efforts has leveled out at between $1 billion and $2.3 billion each year.

The U.S. has maintained a presence in the Middle Eastern nation since toppling the Taliban in 2001 following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. There still are troops in the country and, according to The Daily Beast, the Obama Administration plans on leaving some 68,000 troops there by the end of the year.

A watchdog website, CostOfWar.com, calculates that the cost of the Afghanistan War has reached over $545 billion since 2001.

Do you agree that the U.S. should continue this course of funding rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan? Do you think this will be good for our overall national security or that this is already enough spending on these wars? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Emily July 10, 2012 at 04:17 PM
If we wanted to make change in a positive way in Afghanistan we would but all the opium from the locals. We still need it to make narcotics for legitimate medical use. The would LOVE us because they could do what they do with out fear of being killed ar thier crops burned out and we could fill the hospitals with the medicines we need at a cheaper rate. Not to mention the lack of product going to the drug trafficers. It will never happen because it makes sense and would be helpfull.
charles July 11, 2012 at 12:55 AM
In today's day of globalization, we should try to make sure that all countries are in a state of peace, and have strong economies. We are citizens of the world, not just the United States.
Ed Putman July 12, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Now that is an unexpected far thinking idea. However, I think we would have to compete with the local drug buyers for price, and our entry would just raise it. Sounds like a good idea for the time when the lunacy of prohibition goes the way of alcohol.


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