The Joys of Hermit Crabs: An Unexpected Pet

All of this can be found in and around Tolland today, July 11, 2011.

1. According to Weather.com, the Tolland forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and a high of 88˚F. Tonight, there will be clear skies developing into isolated thunderstorms later in the night. The low will reach 67˚F.

2. Today, Patch kicks off a summer business series called “The Executive Suite.” The series will pose five questions to executives and business leaders in north central Connecticut. It will run on Mondays.

3. If you have children, chances are they have bugged you for a pet at some point. If you’re not quite ready to take on the responsibility of owning a dog or other high-maintenance pet, consider a hermit crab. Not only is a hermit crab a great way to celebrate summer, it’s also a wonderful way to teach children the responsibilities and fun of owning a pet. Hermit crabs are generally easy to care for, and you can have a lot of fun learning about them as you create their habitat. Choosing a colorful, painted shell for it to “wear” is sure to be a hit with the kids, as well.

Visit this Petco link for their Hermit Crab Care Sheet. Another great resource is this Crab Colony site, which will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about hermit crabs.

4. In conjunction with your hermit crab purchase, these programs, which take place on July 14 at Manchester’s Lutz Children’s Museum, will teach young ones all about their new crustaceans:


5. To go along with your new pet, a great book to pick up at the library is Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab. Carle's signature style of collage illustrations invites readers on a breathtaking underwater tour. The book is referred to as a “modern day fable,” based on the true habits of the hermit crab. 

The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is located in Amherst, MA. If your child is enthralled with A House for a Hermit Crab, or any of Carle’s other books and films, the museum’s Art Studio will be holding Tissue Paper Collage classes from July 14 through August 10, where kids can make their own tissue paper collage. The museum offers other classes, as well, including Connecting Books and Art, Meet the Artists: An Illustration Series for Kids, Summer Scrapbook and Animals, Art and the Imagination.


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