Local Security Questions After 'Dark Knight' Shooting

Tolland residents heading to Manchester's Rave Motion Picture Theater should be safe at the theaters following the deadly Colorado shooting at the latest Batman premiere.

Everything seemed like business as usual at Rave Motion Picture Theater at Buckland Hills in Manchester, although some employees were tense after news broke of the mass shooting at a premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” at a theater in Aurora, CO.

“I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but it is kind of scary,” said one theater employee Friday afternoon. Due to Rave theater policy, the theater employee wished to remain unnamed.

During a midnight showing of the newest Batman movie, a gas-masked gunman entered a crowded Century 16 Theater, threw a canister of gas and then opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring at least 50 others—including a four-month-old child—in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history, according to the Huffington Post.

James Holmes, 24, was arrested and found to be in possession of a gas mask, knife, rifle, and a handgun, according to reports. Another gun was recovered from the theater, authorities reported.

FBI agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck to reach Holmes' apartment in Aurora, police Chief Dan Oates told the Huffington Post.

Oates said that authorities put a camera at the end of a 12-foot pole inside the apartment, and discovered that the unit was booby trapped. Authorities evacuated several nearby buildings as they tried to determine how to disarm flammable and explosive material.

The shooting is reminiscent of the 1999 Columbine shootings, which took place in nearby Littleton, CO, and , which took place two years ago. 

On Aug. 3, 2010, Omar Thornton, 34, came to work with two loaded handguns into a lunch pail and then shot his employers following a workplace disciplinary meeting. He then went on a rampage throughout the distribution warehouse, ultimately killing eight of his fellow employees and wounding two others before taking his own life.

Following the theater shooting in Colorado, the New York City Police Department 

Locally, Rave Theater in Manchester has not shown any obvious increase in security.  The Manchester Police Department, however, would neither confirm nor deny any increase in security provided to the theater.

“We won’t comment on what we do in regards to security, for obvious security reasons,” Capt. Christopher Davis of the Manchester Police Department said.


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