Manchester Water Main Breaks, Knocks Out Service to Glastonbury Homes

The break at South Main St. and Fern St. in Manchester knocked out water for many near the Glastonbury line, including some Glastonbury customers serviced by the Manchester system.


A water main break at South Main and Fern streets in Manchester Tuesday afternoon briefly knocked out water for many on the south end of Manchester near the Glastonbury town line and led to road closures and flooding in the immediate area. 

Manchester Police Cpt. Christopher Davis said the break occurred around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and that police were on the scene and had closed many of the roads in the area due to flooding issues. 

"It's a mess out there right now," Davis said, advising people to avoid the area if they could. 

Manchester General Manager Scott Shanley said the town was still investigating what led to the break, but that utility crews were on the scene working to restore service to everyone affected. Shanley said that many customers in that part of Manchester, and even some Glastonbury customers serviced by Manchester utilities, temporarily lost water immediately after the break occurred, but that most of those services were quickly restored and that there were no issues with the water now.  

Shanley said the area immediately around the Manchester Country Club could be without water for "quite a number of hours."

"It will probably be a good eight hours before the country club and the people around the country club have water," Shanley said.


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