Naperville Man Charged with Child Abduction

Two children were lured to apartment on Sunday.

A Naperville man was arrested and charged with child abduction and battery after police said he lured two children into his apartment on Sunday.

Jose Pedro Jimenez-Alejo, 25, of the 1200 block of Whispering Hills Court was arrested at 7:41 p.m. at his home after police responded to a battery call involving a female minor and adult male, according to Sgt. Gregg Bell.

When police arrived, they learned from the girl’s mother that her daughter and another child had been lured into Jimenez-Alejo’s apartment. The children told police that he began talking to them from his vehicle and had them follow him to his nearby apartment.

“Inside the apartment the victims followed the suspect into a bedroom where he gave each of them a chocolate bar,” Bell said in a news release. “Immediately after giving the victims the candy the suspect leaned over and licked the lips of one of the victims.”

The children fled the man’s apartment and notified the girl’s mother who then contacted Naperville police. The mother waited for police at Jimenez-Alejo’s address until police arrived. Upon further investigation and based on information gathered, police arrested him.

Police believe that the children were not harmed physically, Bell said Monday afternoon.

Jimenez-Alejo was charged with battery, a class A misdemeanor and child abduction, a class 3 felony. He was taken to the DuPage County Jail on Sunday, Bell said.


Brett August 17, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Don't have time for all the updates!
Trev August 17, 2011 at 03:47 PM
Kate, people who have such illogical logic also have no idea what is true. First, how many illegal Canadians with Anglo-Saxox or French names are illegal in the U.S.? Ergo, those names do not fit into the catagory. Second, how many Spanish/Mexican (can be one, or both) fit that catagory of illegals? So, were I to see a young person with a Spanish surname, I may be wrong in my assumption about that particular individual, but not in my assumption they COULD be illegal. Take your name, because it is spelled with a "K", it can not be a Welsh name, as there is no K in Welsh, but....... it could be an Analogized Welsh name... Confused yet?
John August 17, 2011 at 04:10 PM
If they let him out I hope he is killed immediately. There is no reason for a long trial or for probation. We need to thin the human herd and this kind of animal is a quick start. kill this sick pervert and lets move on to the next one.
Patricia Tardugno August 17, 2011 at 04:12 PM
EEeewww!! What a repulsive b@$t@rd!! Those poor girls will be repulsed by disgusting guys tongues for the rest of their lives, because he is a freak!! Why don't these freak understand they are not creating the effect they are hoping for by doing disgusting things to children! They are causing those kids to have a repulsive memory of a disgusting thing happening to them!!!!
Maria la O August 24, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Patricia, yes, this experience is going to leave a scar in this children's memory bank. But it will be nothing compared to what might have happened if these children had not run out when they did. They are lucky that his guy might have just been toying with the idea of molesting children. He probably the type that wants to seduce children as opposed to outright rape them by force. It will still be rape, statutory rape. I will always say that, if you meant to do wrong, but were stopped by whatever circumstances, out of your will, the criminal might as well be punished as if he had done the deed. Put this sicko away for a long time. Kidnapping is kidnapping, even if you were under the influence. I know that a scummy lawyer will try to work a deffense saying that he was not in control of his mental faculties but he was thinking well enough to find a way to lure 2 little kids into the Privacy of His Home. And he was lucid enough to drive and realize that these were 2 naive, defenselees children for him to abuse. Mother, why were your small children out in the street, uncared for and unsupervised? You need to assume some responsibility instead of just leaving all up to the police to do your mothering and caring.


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