Campaign Notebook: Dems Use WWE Footage in Ad

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.

Second District

Paul Formica (R) has called on Joseph Courtney (D) to debate. On his Facebook page today Formica's campaign manager, John Kleinhans, issued the following statement: 

"Congressman Courtney’s unwillingness to debate the issues of the Second Congressional District is appalling. He has yet to hold a town hall meeting this year, and declined a debate proposed by the Morgan High School Political Club."

Fifth District

Both Andrew Roraback and Elizabeth Esty describe themselves as pro-choice when it comes to abortion. The Hartford Courant takes a closer look at the candidates’ views on the issue.


Linda McMahon (R): Connecticut Democrats used racy footage from the WWE, where McMahon was CEO, to highlight the violence and sex sometimes featured by the wrestling company. The footage was made into an anti-McMahon ad which has since been taken down due to copyright infringement, reports The Huffington Post.

Chris Murphy (D): An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal says Democrats are “hopping mad” about McMahon’s campaign.

“Connecticut hasn't been at the top of the radar screen, as most politicos have been watching bigger swing states. But despite their indignation about Ms. McMahon's negative advertising, worried Democrats are now launching their own barrage. The Connecticut Mirror newspaper reports that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which hadn't originally budgeted money for the race, recently aired an ad attacking Ms. McMahon for her employment policies when she was CEO of the WWE.”

Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D) was among the politicians that marched in North Haven’s firefighters parade.

Wayne Winsley (R) shared a blog post from the website Libertarian Republican. According to the post, “[Winsley is] a conservative with a libertarian streak. One of his biggest issues, and one he's been hammering DeLauro on is her support for a Soda Pop Tax. He also boasts on his campaign site, support for ‘self-reliance,’ and ‘individual sovereignty.’"

Fourth District

The Republicans in the House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that would exempt military spending from mandatory budget cuts happening later this year. U.S. Rep. Jim Himes explained his reasoning for voting against the measure, reports The Hour. Steve Obsitnik, who is running against Himes, talked about his differing view.  


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