It's Official: Recreation Department Is Approved to Use Parker Memorial

The Board of Education voted on the Parker Memorial contract and the fields and ground agreement at last Wednesday's meeting.

The Board of Education has approved the contracts regarding the town’s use of Parker Memorial School and the fields and ground maintenance agreement. The board’s final approval at last Wednesday’s meeting will officially allow the Recreation Department to use Parker Memorial for its summer programs and its offices.

Recreation & Adult Education Director Tom Ainsworth said that the move will allow the department to better serve the Tolland community.

“We’ll expand the number of programs we’ll be able to do during the day because we have more space,” Ainsworth said. “I think we’ll be happy with this one.”

Under the agreement, the town will only utilize the 1992 addition of the building. The town is already preparing the building for its new occupants; workers have been tiling, painting and building a new wall to separate the older portion of the building from the addition, according to Ainsworth.

The town will also be responsible for paying the building’s utilities, which have been estimated to cost around $25,000 for the year.

The Recreation Department will use the addition as early as next week, when summer camp starts on July 5. According to Ainsworth, the department’s offices will be moved into the building at a later date.

The board’s second contract with the town is a simple renewal of a previous fields and grounds maintenance agreement. The five-year contract allows the town to maintain the school grounds and playgrounds owned by the Board of Education.

One of the few changes to the contract will make the Board of Education responsible for maintaining the Tolland High School irrigation system. According to Superintendent William Guzman, the maintenance will cost around $3000.


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