Town Council Wrap Up

The council approved the transfer of $270,000 in funds and accepted a donation of 30.5 acres of open space.

After honoring at Tuesday’s meeting, the town council passed several resolutions:

  • The council accepted the donation of 30.5 acres of open space from the Crystal Peat Humus Company, Inc. The council added wording requiring Town Manager Steven Werbner to work with the donors to negotiate clearing the piece of land, which has a history of being used as a dumping ground.
  • The council approved the transfer of $270,000, received from a DEP Open Space Grant as a result of , into the town’s Passive Open Space III account. According to the agenda, approximately $1,058,000 is now in the account. 
  • A public hearing for October 11 was approved for a resolution transferring $59,968.90 from a Homeland Security grant and $3,096.63 from ambulance fees to the town’s Capital Improvements Fire and Ambulance fund to purchase hoses and appliances.
  • The town council gave its approval for an application to designate the Willimantic River Water Trail as a National Park Service Recreation Trail.
  • Council members passed a resolution exempting the town from paying itself a redundant personal property tax for equipment that is used only for town purposes.

The next town council meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. on October 11 in the council chambers of the Hicks Memorial Municipal Building.



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