Who Won the Vice-Presidential Debate?

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden debated on Thursday night in Kentucky, and participants in Patch’s statewide live blog in Connecticut offered some pointed observations.

Often acting as surrogates for their running mates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan squared off on international affairs, taxes and abortion, among other topics, in the only vice-presidential debate of the election season.

The candidates found little to agree on, whether it was a military withdrawal from Afghanistan, raising taxes and reforming entitlement programs. As expected, both sides spun the debate performances as victories.  

One clear winner appeared to be widely-praised moderator Martha Raddatz, yet she did receive some criticism from conservatives.

Patch ran a statewide live blog that attracted upwards of 40 participants who offered their thoughts on the debate. Here are some of their reactions.


It's a toss-up. Biden: overconfident "I'm the voice of experience." Ryan: far-too-smiley equanimity.

John Flanagan:

Fortunately, or unfortunately, to the benefit of whichever VP candidate is deemed tomorrow, by the talking heads, to have fared worse, the debate is scheduled in the midst of the Yankees/Orioles, A's/Giants baseball playoffs and the Thursday night Steelers/Titans football games.


I was a little underwhelmed by this debate, but...full disclosure, I was a little distracted so it might be better when I rewatch it from the start.


Biden is a mouthpiece, an empty suit.


"Sometimes the words do not come out of your mouth the right way [said by Ryan to Biden]" will be the quote for the 2012 debate.


I love Biden's Passion.


Biden just nailed him on being a hypocrite about that stimulus.


Ryan is calm, cool, and collected. Biden is angry and looks like a fool.

Archie Bunker III

Ryan, the phony also said he RAN a marathon in under 3 hours, when in REALITY-VILLE, it was OVER 4 HOURS. A completely scummy lie, FOR SURE! I ran 15 marathons more than 30 years ago and have NO problem remembering the times.

Who do you think won the debate? Tell us in the comments!

Michael October 15, 2012 at 04:38 PM
But should condoms?????? Also Viagra may not have anything to do with contraception. What if the man shoot blanks and wants to have sex, should he not have the right to have little Johnnie Stand at attention. I would have no issue if the insurance companies said NO to Viagra
Mike Wright October 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Where is your solution to the Social Security problem, Maria? Other than borrowing money from China or printing money further debasing its value? Is it your plan to just hope there's enough for you? It seems the more humane thing to do is figure out a way to make this sytem more financially secure. What you have done in your previous posts i exactly what Harry Reid has done in the Senate for the past two years - shooting down every idea the Republican led house has proposed.
Mike Wright October 15, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Hanauer spins a good tale and it might sound like it makes sense for people who don't understand how business really operates. but it is idiocy.
Mike Wright October 15, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Terry, I'm curious why you say, "if we can go back to a true separation of church and state, then no one is able to push their religious agenda as constitutional policy.". There has never been a separation of church and state, nor did the framers of the constitution say there should be one. What they did say is that there should not be an official religion of the United States that government leaders could use to control the people. They were specifically thinking of the Church of England and the power it held over the English people when they wrote about religion in the constitution. Religious values and morals informed and shaped the founders and was very much part of their daily life and had much to do with the founding of this country. References to God and our Creator are all over these documents. As for your statement about pushing a religious agenda, I would suggest this country contains a huge diversity of people and one tends to forget that living here in the Northeast where many folks think along similar lines as you. I know many folks in the Midwest that believe strongly in the Christian faith and think that abortion is wrong and think that a marriage is between a man and a woman. You might think they are stupid and backward, but I think they have an inalienable right to be free to believe what they wish.
Michael October 16, 2012 at 01:11 AM
That's because is left of liberal, actually a socialist and should move back to Cuba where they have it so good. She is so out of touch that people realize that even people in the looney bins can post on patch


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