Romney may not be “Cool” but.....

Mitt Romney's and Obama's Character

The recent “scandal” regarding the video of Mitt speaking to donors about entitlements and taxes will show both Romney’s and Obama’s character.

A lot has been said about Mitt Romney not having “Personality”. He isn’t the greatest at giving speeches. He even seems uneasy at speaking in front of crowds. But he’s got character!

President Obama is one of the best speakers I have ever listened too. Ranks there with Bill Clinton, JFK and Ronald Reagan. He knows how to move a crowd and incite excitement.

Mitt isn’t the “Cool” one. That’s President Obama! He’s Cool.

The cool ones surround themselves with famous people. You go golfing with them or go on their T.V. shows and sing rap. You can sing songs and actually sing them pretty well. You brag about smoking weed and doing a little blow in college. You eat dog when you are a kid. You even write books about your accomplishments in these areas.

When you are a great speaker, or the cool one, you can say just about anything you want and the people will follow you. You’re the Pied Piper! “Follow Me to the Promised Land and I will feed you and house you and take care of you”. Well we all know the fairytale and how it ended.

This may a bit dramatic in comparing Obama to the fable, but the storyline is the same.
Obama has been making promises he has not kept. He will lead you to the “Promised Land”.

I don’t know if Romney did any of these things in college or early in life and quite frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care that Obama did. Bragging about it shows your character though.

In regards to that video, Mitt spoke the truth and Obama will be vindictive in response. Except, Obama will leave the vindictiveness to his cronies, his czars, who will lead and feed the Pied Piper’s followers with distortions and lies. The truth hurts.  Mitt will answer personally and stand by what he said. He has already.

Even the media will make sure Obama carry's out his vindictiveness. They can hear the Pied Piper Piping!!

Where have they been on reporting about the death of one of our Ambassadors in Libya? They blame it on a video, yet there were warnings 48 hours before. Didn’t see that on NBC, MSNBC, CNN etc. Jay Carney didn’t report it but he’s not even close to being cool. Maybe it’s Bush’s fault. I think Obama was getting ready for Letterman that day or in Vegas..Pretty Cool!! Huh?

Aside from being cool and a great speaker, Obama has built a “Family” of czars to make sure his agenda is carried out. A “Chicago Family” I might add. If elected for another term, there will be nothing to stop him.

But he’s cool! And while he is campaigning, golfing, or appearing on David Letterman. Singing at some dinner for P Diddy (or whatever he call’s himself these days) or at George Clooney’s discussing an upcoming movie about the bin laden killing, his Czars are busy at work. And the media will be so far up his...well you get the idea.

No, Mitt may not be “Cool”, or a  “Great Speaker”, but he has character.

I would guess that our “Founding Fathers”, like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams weren’t really cool the way Obama is cool. But then maybe they were,
but I can’t picture George singing “My Bonnie” to crowds at Mt. Vernon, or Benjamin bogarting that joint! They all had character.

I read that Thomas Jefferson was a terrible speaker. Kennedy was cool and a good President. He was born into a rich family, so I don’t get the problem with Romney being rich, except that the Kennedy’s made their money in questionable ways. I heard his father bought the election? JFK had a little fidelity problem there too.  Teddy wasn’t cool! Someone died when he was driving drunk. Not Cool!!!

Reagan was really cool!!

I think Bush was cool..he went right after those terrorists, no matter the cost. He also let’s the “Blame Game” just roll off his back.. he knows the truth and that’s all that matters to him. That’s Cool! The Democrats made an issue of his DUI in college. Obama smokes weed and does blow and people praise him!

Clinton was cool and we all know what he did. We have the dress to prove it!

It’s a shame that so many people will vote on November 6th based on whoever they think are cool, or will give them free things for the rest of their life. We need character back in the White House and soon.

Imagine four more years of Obama....that’s not cool. If he loses can you imagine the damage he will do in his last two months as President.. that’s not cool. 

In the meantime...Gas is higher, unemployment is higher, my investments are worth less ,we are $16 trillion in debt and our military men are getting killed all over and they are not allowed to have ammo in their guns to defend an American Ambassador.

Even Barney Fife had a bullet in his pocket!!

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kathy cobb October 29, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Obama got bushes left over mess and little or no time to fix it ,,the americans want a miracle ,,it wont happen overnight ,,but Romney please prt it out where are the answers in DETAIL,,no pussy footing around we need real answers to the problems
Cari October 29, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Today is re-enrollment for medical benefits at my company. I paid $43 per paycheck in 2012. As of 1/1/2013 for the same benefits my cost per paycheck wil be $73. Thanks to Obamacare thats more money out of my middle class paycheck! VOTE ROMNEY November 6th 2012!!!!!
John Martin October 29, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Umm, Robin Hood? Patch is owned by AOL. Hardly a bastion of conservatism, there, pal., You could have found that out in about 15 seconds - but it's not common for the left to do much in the way of fact-checking.
REVMAN October 29, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Cari Your lucky it went up only 58% my secondary Insurance went up over 1000% and they took out $719 billion dollars from my primary (Medicare),My doctor is very seriously considering retiring and I can't blame him,ObamaCare doesn't come in fully until 2013 I can just imagine what Healthcare insurance will cost when EVERYONE has to have it.
REVMAN October 29, 2012 at 05:36 PM
kathy cobb 4 years it a life time as far as I'm conserned and we are worse off do you really he will do any thing to fix it if he is not looking at another re-election?


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