Video: TIS Principals Get Slimed

Tolland Intermediate School students honored by the Mileage Club got to slime Principal James Dineen and Assistant Principal John Bean at the school's Field Day.

students who walked over 35 miles as part of the TEPTO Mileage Club got quite an award during Field Day on Friday: an open shot at sliming Principal James Dineen and .

With their peers cheering them on ("down the shirt" was a popular chant), sixteen students earned the sliming honor.

The brief awards ceremony wrapped up the year for the TEPTO Mileage Club, a program that marks miles that students complete throughout recess during the year.

TEPTO President Karen Moran said that TEPTO members volunteer during recess to help the kids track their miles.

"It gives them something else to do at recess," Moran said of the club's benefits for the students. "It's another outlet for them."

TEPTO has been running the fitness program for many years, Moran said.

Here are the 2012 Mileage Club honorees:

Completed 50+ Miles

Kevin Dooley

Stephen Sutton

Nick Romanick

Completed 35 Miles

Andrew Kolano

Adam Kolano

Ryan Cassidy

Max Cooper

Claudia Victorino

John Freeto

Carolyn Sutton

Madelyn Cyr

Arden Ricciardone

Allyse Ernest

Tony Iacobacci

Ivan Pantoja

Ryan Baccard


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