Tolland Elementary PTO Hosts a Fun Family Game Night

TEPTO member Nicole Canavan sums up the gaming fun.

From Nicole Canavan:

A number of the Tolland Elementary families turned off their T.V.’s last Friday night and headed to TIS to play some fun games. 

We had about 100 join in the fun! The PTO received a number of games to test drive from GameWright, a company that offers award winning games for all ages. Over 50 games were made available to demo and covered all ages – from preschool to age 12 and over. Families were able to choose a game and then switch it for another to find out what their favorite game was.

At the end of the night, the results were in – Joe Name It won the ‘most favorite game’ in a loose poll. Other favorites were Scrambled States of America and Orders Up!

"We heard a lot of dinging on that game,”  says TEPTO president Karen Moran. 

“It was a fun night. I was pleased to see that as the event was coming to an end we still had a full room. That was one clear indication people were having fun!” said Nicole Canavan, the TEPTO chair for this event. 

According to one young member of the crowd, “I really liked that I could keep playing different games,” said Clara Canavan, a first grader at Birch Grove. 

According to Nicole Canavan, “This was a successful fundraiser. Our intention was to create a fun family night. It was an added bonus that we were able to couple it with a fundraising activity. So far, this event itself has raised nearly $500 that will go directly to the TIS playscape.” 

The PTO sold a number of games at the event and are continuing to take orders until March 6th. The order form is available on the web site at http://www.tepto.com/orderforms.htm.   

Althea Gill March 05, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Thanks for picking us for the cover photo! My daughter and her friend loved Game Night. We bought 15 games; got a head start on next years Christmas shopping. A family favorite: Frog Juice!!! But all my kids love Order's Up, even the two year old can play.


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