Tolland Residents Earn Academic Honors at MCC

A large number of Tolland students were named to the President's List and Dean's List.

Press Release from Manchester Community College:

Manchester Community College is pleased to announce the following Tolland students received recognition for academic excellence during the Spring 2012 semester.

Full-Time President’s List
Jennifer M. Correnti

Amy Fair

Part-Time President’s List

Vicky A. Bess
Dennis R. Carlson

Laurie J. Chick

Donald L. Corne

Derek Crohan

Danielle M. Cyr

Ann Furey

Cammy M. Heald

Andrew J. Herzog

Richard J. Hill

Kathryn E. Jacques

Sherrill Jones

Kenneth W. Kausch

David Kristan

Katherine M. Laurinitis

John A. Misaiko

Marion E. Moore

Robin L. Nosal-Sharkis

James P. Parsons-Fallon

Chauncy C. Roy
David M. Saunders

Chelsea A. Sebben

Robert J. Senatro

Christy L. Urso

Kandi D. Victorino

Dean's List
Michelle L. Becz

Kyle J. Bielawiec

Marco C. Campelli

Maura A. Carbone

Hanna K. Christensen

Brianna L. Couture

Patricia A. Dowhan

Alexandra M. Engelbert

Jenna G. Gagne

Meghan E. Grady

Kathryn Gregson
Rita A. Harman

Margaret M. Higgins

Ryan P. King

Eric S. Kloehn

Tyler R. Maselek

Kevin J. Mokoski

Christopher W. Moreau

Cassandra A. Moreschi

Patricia C. Nelson

Doreen F. O'Connell

Marc Ouellet

Rachel Rubino

Linda B. Saytanides

Sarah E. Severson

Joshua P. Shaw

Barrett T. Shirley

Eveline Siebesma

Jennifer M. Weigold

AnnMarie J. Widmer
Matthew .Willet

The Full-Time President’s List recognizes the exceptional scholarship of students who earn a 4.0 or “A” grade point average in their courses. Full-time students who have completed a least 12 credits for the semester with no withdrawals or incomplete grades in the semester are eligible for this honor.

After a part-time student has accumulated 12 credits at MCC, that student may be considered for the Part-Time President’s List. Part-time students who have earned a 4.0 GPA with no withdrawals or incompletes in the semester are eligible for the Part-Time President’s List.

Students enrolled in three credits or more and who have earned a GPA of 3.4 are eligible for the Dean’s List. The student can have no withdrawals or incomplete grades during that semester.


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