Once Again, Mau Jim Lens a Hand For All Seasons

The company is putting up a strong front in the war against glare.

It's a funny time of year for outdoor recreation.

The fall is arguably the best part of the calendar for hiking because the temperature is a lot more comfortable the the scenery a lot more colorful.

But there is also a tendency to start thinking winter, especially in terms  of acquiring new equipment.

Well, here is a product that takes care of all seasons.

We all know eyewear is a staple whether you are hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding or just hanging out at the nature preserve with the binoculars. Maui Jim, which seems to be raising the industry standards with each passing month, has come up with one of the lightest, highest-performing and most versatile pair of sunglasses out there.

One look through the lenses of the Mala makes that obvious. 

Maui Jim's Mala is part of the trademarked MauiPure collection, which features what the company is touting as the optical industry’s closest clarity to glass in a non-glass lens that’s both impact- and scratch-resistant. The rimless design with beta-titanium frame pieces allow complete adjustment around the head and on the nose.

Maui Jim can put any spin it wants on these glasses. The bottom line is, they work. The Malas cut down the glare in all conditions so one can easily judge terrain in bright sunlight, flat light, and even in the driving rain.

The shades are probably the closest thing to a goggle for spring skiing or even winter if you are not a goggle person.

The Malas have been out since the spring and retail for $319. It's hard to find them any cheaper, but Amazon.com and Mysunglassoutlet.com had them for $259.00 and $255.20, respectively, on Thursday afternoon.

By the way, the glasses were accidentally stuffed in a shirt drawer during a laundry frenzy recently and … the stems certainly do adjust.


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