Luggage vs. Baggage

We all have things that we carry with us from our past. Periodically emptying our baggage prevents us from lugging too much stuff behind us.

  I recently spoke to a friend and we decided, or convinced each other, that we aren't as damaged as we once thought we were. We agreed that we are all just products of the baggage we carry and our ability or inability to manage it as it shifts in flight.

  Somewhere in our discussion I suggested that we switch from using the word baggage to a more suitable word, luggage. Baggage suggests that we have this "stuff" that is collectively tied up and only comes out when we untie it. Luggage is much better because, as you see, it already puts out there the idea that one must LUG it. It gets pulled behind us from place to place and never seems to go away. She agreed and so moving forward we  carry luggage, feel free to join us.

  Throughout our talk I realized a few things about luggage; it's appearance externally and internally varies. Some people have designer luggage, some have ripped up luggage some have mismatched pieces of luggage. There is small luggage, large luggage and different colored luggage. There is luggage kept together by bungee cords and mere pieces of tape, it appears that the owners of these pieces are trying desperately to keep it together. But most interesting to me is the fact that many people put a bow on their luggage handle which indicates that they are the owners of their luggage. When it comes around the belt they claim their luggage with passion thus proving the idea that if everyone threw their "stuff" together into a one area each would take their own back every time.

  People pull their luggage, bang it around, squeeze more and more stuff into it until they are told it will ultimately cost them for their clear disrespect of its' limits. People tug at its' zipper, sit on top of it and yell at their luggage. Yet in the end it's their luggage that accompanies them on their journey. 

  Luggage follows them on a girl's weekend,  a honeymoon, to the hospital for the birth of a child, on a family vacation and maybe even on an overnight "alone". Funny thing about luggage it's a necessary appendage. We empty it only to fill it up again, piling new items over old and shoving those last minute unexpected pieces into external pockets. 

  So if you feel inclined to say, "we all carry luggage," rather than baggage, go ahead, my friend and I won't mind. Now if I can only understand why my grandmother called it a valise I will be all set.


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Jean Card July 19, 2012 at 06:56 PM
How true! I agree that it is best to own our luggage and perhaps understand how to open it up and deal with what's inside! In the end, it makes us who we are. Good, bad or indifferent. Own it! Jean
Kit Tedesco July 19, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Nice job Sue - since I literally as well as figuratively carry luggage every day - I like the sound of it. Baggage is off-putting. Luggage has the sound of promise, good times, adventure.
LMac July 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Susan-you always impress me with your way with words!!!
NMB July 20, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Sue, always love reading your blogs! So happy to see you posted on Patch so others can enjoy your great talent! Can not wait to see you at RJ Julia's!
Jane Bordiere July 20, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I need a Sue Lanza blog everyday!!! Well said my friend!


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